RabbitMQ Introduction

February 14, 2021

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well.
We will start to learn RabbitMQ.
We will begin with an introduction and I will try to explain the basic definitions.

What is RabbitMQ?
RabbitMQ is a message broker.
You can imagine it like a post office. When you want to put a post, you can be sure anyone will eventually deliver the mail to your recipient. But it's an old method and analog. RabbitMQ is modern technology and safe.

RabbitMQ and Messaging use the same jargon.
Producer: it will be just the sender.

Rabbitmq Producer

Queue: Q is your post box. A queue is only bound by the host's memory & disk limits. Many producers can send messages that go to one queue, and many consumers can try to receive data from one queue.

Rabbitmq Queue

Consumer: will get your messages receiving, it will do tasks and it will wait new messages.

Rabbitmq Consumer

Important note! producer, consumer, and broker do not have to on the same host. An application can be both a producer and consumer, too.

(P) -> [|||] -> (C)

And I will try to "hello world" send with Java in my next post!

New Targets

February 19, 2021


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